In order for me to install qrcode for my opencart, ive decided to install vqmode first, so in the future let say if I would like to develop my own extension using xml it will be less headache. But then i have encountered many problem in order to install it.It tooks me half day in order to put the qrcode on my opencart product.Sigh. Below is the chronologies when I install the vqmod in opencart.

  1. Download  vqmode zipfile.
  2. Configure FTP in opencart backend System > Setting FTP


  1. Go to your dashboard Extension > Extension Installer > Upload . Here I encountered my first problem, it seems cannot install into the root directory that I have set, i change the root path to ‘/’ in order to solve this problem.
  2. Login to your site
  3. Click install. Hoah…second issue come. I keep getting problem on Cannot install due to the permission.
  4. Change all permission to 777….. ( internet ask to rename htacces file….but its not working for me). Holla now its able to install. But then the nightmare came. All my site got 403 error.
  5. Change all permission to 755..Fuh now it OK. I can easily copy the qrcode XML into folder and I got my QR code in every product!